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Quilling is the art of rolling narrow paperstrips into coils which are then pushed or pinched into shape. By putting shapes together the most interesting designs may be created.

In the eighties paperquilling was introduced from America and gained a lot of interest. It´s a technique that´s suitable for all ages, young or old. A great many still find it a pleasant, inspiring and calming passtime. Once you´ve been infected with the `quilling virus`, it´s hard to get rid of it. Though quilling disappeared from the attention of the crowd and often also from the shelves of craft stores, there are still many enthousiastic quillers around.

In recent years quite a few new quilling shapes were invented and also other ways to use paperstrips were developed, sometimes using tools like onion holder, crimping tool etc.

In June 2006 a book `Quilling for cards` was published and showed numerous possibilities of just one quilling technique: huskings. In April 2007 the ”Mega Wenskaartenboek” (Mega Greetingcards book) was published, a joint publication of 8 Dutch authors. I was asked to write a new chapter about huskings, so again, I designed 20 colourful greetingcards using new husking patterns.

Quilling materials are still available through Quilling Guilds and their trading members. Also through the internet many quilling materials can be obtained.