The Dutch Quilling Guild is a national association which was founded in January 1989. In Dutch: Nederlandse Filigraan Vereniging.

Two times per year somewhere in the country an activity day is organized.

Members can display their quilling projects and it's possible to do some quilling yourself at the "do-table" and meet other quillers.

Some members will demonstrate their skills. At the various trade stands you may find the most beautiful colours of paperstrips, the latest quillingbooks and tools.


The Guilds magazine “Verdraaid” is published, in full colour, three times a year. The goal is to keep members posted on the latest quilling news and can only exist when members contribute by sharing their artwork and stories. All cards and other entries will be published sooner or later. Some of the designs in “Verdraaid” are just drawings to stimulate your fantasy and others have a detailed description. Furthermore you can read any recent information about the Guild and all details about future activity days and other events where the Guild presents itself with a stand. Also several sales addresses of quilling materials are mentioned.

The contribution for overseas membership of the Dutch Quilling Guild amounts to Euro 25,00 per year including Euro 2,00 registration fee (one time only). The association year runs from 1st July up to and including 30th June of the next year. For information concerning the membership you may contact Mrs. T. Arensman, e-mail:

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